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Our Ponies

Basil  - adopt this pony

Basil is a 15hh cob who is on loan to us.  He first came to us some years ago and was very popular with the carriage drivers.  He went back to his owner for a rest and has now returned to do riding work only.  He is very steady and reliable.  He has distinctive markings especially his odd coloured ears.   His biggest joy is rolling in the muddiest place he can find and his hobby is eating!


Benny adopt this pony

Benny (or Portmore Benny) is a 13.3hh registered New Forest pony.  He was born in 2005 and arrived at Wyfold in December 2014.  He is Strawberry roan which is a new colour for us.  Basically that means he is chestnut with some white hairs mixed in.  So far he has behaved well but it is very early days.  We hope that he will stay with us a long time.


Big Joe - adopt this pony

Big Joe is a 13hh piebald Irish cob pony (so not really big at all!).  He is extremely hairy!  He joined us in March 2014 when he was only 6 years old so he has a lot to learn but seems to really like people.  "Big Joe" is a character in a book called "Private Peaceful" by Michael Morpurgo.  He has made a good start on his RDA work and we hope he will stay with us for a long time.


Bobbin - adopt this pony

Bobbin is a
14.1 bay New Forest / Welsh cross and was born in 1994. He has had a very busy life show jumping and competing and doing many pony club activities. He is very kind, gentle and loving. He knows his job well and looks after his riders but loves to go out for a good canter when ‘off duty’. Bobbin came to Wyfold in summer 2010.


Charlie - adopt this pony

Charlie is a palomino part Welsh cob. He was born in 1987 and is currently our oldest pony. He is very popular because he is always happy. He really enjoys his work and will do anything we ask him to. He has a great deal of character. One day when he was doing a dressage test he jumped out of the arena and stopped with his head in the open window of the judges car. "Hello",¯ said the judge in great surprise, "would you like some of my pineapple juice?"¯. In 2012 he was awarded his 10 year RDA Long Service medal.


Charlie Brown - adopt this pony

Charlie Brown is a 15hh show cob and before we had him he competed in the show cob class at the Bath and West Show.  He is doing very well in dressage for us and competed successfully with one of our riders at the RDA National Dressage Championships at Hartpury.  Charlie Brown has also attended some training sessions with Lee Pearson, Paralympic medal winner.  He is very steady and comfortable to ride and has really settled well to his work.


Eccles adopt this pony

Eccles is a 15.2hh skewbald Irish cob who came to us in October 2013.  He was born in 2007 so is younger than the age at which we normally take ponies in and therefore has more to learn.  He was confused at first by some of the things we asked him to do but seems to be willing to learn.  He is very gentle and good natured and does not seem to mind when people start throwing balls and bean bags about.  He is quickly proving to be quite popular.


Lucky adopt this pony

Lucky arrived in July 2013.  He is a very handsome 14.2hh piebald cob.  In his previous home he mainly did driving and has been to Windsor Horse Show and many other events.  He pulls our larger carriage which takes the wheelchairs and is also used for riding.  He is a very gentle pony who really likes people.



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